Writing Samples

  1. Bad Acid Sample

    Her fingers traced up and down my chest, making me tingle. Every touch felt so much more intimate when you were high. I felt like I was on Cloud 9; her touch was a high all on its own. Her soft lips were pressed hard against mine and…

  2. Hunger Games Contest

    It’s hard to find the right words to describe it. Whether it was nightmarish, desolate, haunting, or just plain depressing. All I know is that the G.O.T. had somehow managed to turn our peaceful, serene home into a mass of…

  3. Mistletoe Kiss

    “I’ll miss you,” the eight year old bundle of sweaters and scarves said as she gave me a hug. I squeezed her tighter, just one last time. She was two years younger than me, and probably didn’t even realize how much I was going to…


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