CALLING ALL ROOMMATES – A Call for Embarrassing, Gross, Funny Stories

Moving is hard.

It’s also time consuming, so excuse my lack of posting.

But, I’m all settled in now, in my new home town in British Columbia. I’ve been ever so slowly working on Bad Acid, but an idea struck me a while ago and I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

For the moment, Bad Acid isn’t going anywhere, so I’ve come up with a side project I’d like to work on. I want to put together a compilation of stories – funny, embarrassing, gross, whatever – based on experiences with roommates.

Basically, you would send me your story, and I’ll rewrite it, and the stories will be organized in the book based on categories. The stories can be either something that happened to you, or your roommates, but either way replace the roommates’ names with A, B,C, etc to protect identities. If you don’t want your name in the book it can go in as anonymous, but if you don’t really care I’ll be putting in first names and last initials, as well as ages.
Once the book is completed, anyone whose contributed a story that’s in it will be paid – to be determined based on if/how well the book sells.

If you have a story you’re willing to share, you can send it directly to . I think it would be a pretty funny read, and it gets me some practice at ghostwriting. Also, if you can, reblog this post to help me get the word out about this project!

I promise to post again soon with my regular blog posts! Til then, lots of love!


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