Life Update: I’M MOVING TO BC!

Alright, so last time I trailed off of writing blog posts I came back promising it wouldn’t happen again. Well, I didn’t forget about you guys; I’ve just been preoccupied with thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now, and recently I’ve made a decision: I’m moving to British Columbia, and I’m doing it in a month. BC is basically on the opposite side of the country for me, and I’m going up with little money in my pocket. I have some family up there, though, and I feel like it might just be a change that I need.

I’ve trailed off of Bad Acid again (maybe because I actually did start writing that Supernatural fanfiction, after all), and I’m hoping a change of scenery might help me get back into it. Besides, there’s not many people up there that I know, so (until I make some friends, at least) what else will I do to pass the time?

I’m nervous, but beyond excited at the same time. This could either go very bad or very good for me but I’m praying it goes well. I guess we’ll find out!


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