Welcome to Roleplay – Population: Fangirls

Last night, B introduced me to the world of roleplay. And, to put it simply, I can feel a future obsession in the works.

Now, I’ve never really had an interest in roleplaying. I’ve had a couple of friends who were into it, but it was never something I found appealing. To me, from what I’d heard, it always sounded similar to fanfictions which, as I’ve said before, I’ve had no interest in, either. But, after actually participating in it, I can say this isn’t true. Roleplay is more like… improvisational writing.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is how a roleplay (in mine and B’s case, at least) works: Each person picks a character to play, and then takes turns writing an excerpt. You can not write lines for the other character, but you can write their actions, or prompt them to speak by ending your excerpt with something like “and then ________ approached me.”

What I like about roleplay is that you no longer have total control over the events of your story. You control one character, and one alone, but even then, you can’t control everything that happens to them. It provides an interesting writing experience and a way to exercise your creativity. Especially if you’re like me, and plan things out in your head way before the time comes to write it, it’s a good thing to pick up. Letting the control be taken away from you allows for some pretty creative results.

Mind you, all of this is being reported to you by a massive fangirl. I play out stories with characters in my head all the time, and sometimes I tend to love my own stories more than the storylines of the TV shows. Roleplays often have a focus on the romance between two characters, and that alone is enough to hook me, regardless of whether I get to plan every detail or not. That being said, B is a Twi-hard fan (our characters being Jacob Black & Leah Clearwater), and I have never liked any aspect of the Twilight series. Still, I’m into it – if anything it’s a fun pass-time.

So for any of you fangirls (or boys!) out there who are looking for a creative outlet, give it a try. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s a new experience, and if nothing else it’s practice!


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